Vice City Nonasset Properties

These are properties you can buy from the start of the game and after mission "Shakedown" for the Mainland Properties.

Elswanko Casa

Cost: $ 8000
Location: Vice Point. East of Leaf Links.

Links View Apartments

Cost: $ 6000
Location: East of Leaf Links.

Ocean Heights

Cost: $ 7000
Location: Southernmost block in Ocean Beach.

Hyman Condo

Cost:$ 14,000
Location: One block east of the Stadium.

1102 Washington Street

Cost: $ 3000
Location: Across the road from Rosenberg's office.

3321 Vice Point

Cost: $ 2500
Location: On the shoreline north of the North Point Mall.

Skumhole Shack

Cost: $ 1000
Location: Downtown, around the corner from the Biker Bar. Take the stairs with the uzi under them.

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