Grand Theft Auto IV Characters

With Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4 being so large, expect to see tons of shady faces lurking around the dark city. Here is info about the characters that are known to be in GTAIV.

Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic is the main character in GTAIV. He is a Eastern European immigrant, and is tricked into coming to Liberty City by his cousin, Roman, Who claims he has two women, four hot tubs, fifteen sports cars, and loads of money. Believing it, he comes to Liberty City to live the "American Dream". Niko has non-stop aurguements with Roman, and is said to be a very tough man. And in Liberty City, only tough men survive.


Roman, whose last name is currently unknown, is the cousin of Niko. He is said to be a very friendly person, and quite the optimist. Although he has told Niko that he is a extremely wealthy and powerful man, the truth is, hes insanely deep in debt and has many criminals after him. Since Roman is Niko's only contact in Liberty City at the time, he will have to hang around, despite being lied to.

Francis McCreary

McCreary is a currupt cop that has some dirt on Niko's past. Meaning he will more than likely use that as leverage against Niko. Watch out for this character, he is not one to be trusted.

Little Jacob

Little Jacob is a Caribbean arms dealer, and one of Niko's close associates. He is very good friends with Roman, so expect the same traits. If you find yourself low on ammo, or just need a little more firepower, give him a call. Since walking up to your doorstep and handing you a AK-47 is frowned upon in Liberty City, he will give you a location for the exchange. More than likely a dark alley, or a shady pawnshop.

Tom Goldberg

Goldberg is a shady lawyer that is trying to make trouble for Roman and Niko. If he can't be reasoned with, Niko will have to deal with him.


Elizabeta has been a successful drug dealer in Bohan for over 10 years. Successful because she kept things low key and paid off or killed the right people. She knows that a crackdown on drug dealing is going to put her under scrutiny and her own narcotic consumption has spiraled out of control, making her dangerously paranoid and delusional.


Manny is testament to the fact men can be reborn. Once a hard living hoodlum, who was there when people invented graffiti, hip hop, and breakdancing. He never wanted any credit, it wasn't about ego for him. He is now a man transformed and all about one thing.. cleaning up the neighborhood, the kids and the streets. To prove it, he's having a documentary made about himself, to record his struggle.


Brucie is a serious fitness enthusiast, car nut and self appointed VIP. He's also proof that sometimes, delusional white idiots can take the hip hop thing a bit far. He's loud, he's proud and he's going to make sure you know just how much money he's got. He lives life large, just like men do in the magazines he reads. He's got nothing but the finest women, cars, lifestyle accessories and anabolic steroids. That's how he rolls.


Vlad, in his own mind, sees himself as a supremely powerful gangster, who runs the Hove beach neighborhood of Broker with an iron fist, and takes shit from no one. But in reality, he is a low level Russian hood who is trying to gain favor with more powerful criminals, while he runs minor protection rackets and talks a big game.


Lola is a hooker, err...'working woman', that has been known to work the docks more often than the Red Light District. Not much more is known about her at this time.

We will update this page as more information is released.

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