Las Venturas

Welcome to Las Venturas, a city blooming with flashing lights and a great scene at night time, Filled with the richest people in San Andreas, throwing money away every hour in the local casinos.

There is many casinos to gamble your money away in and plenty of motel's to sleep in, Crime is big in this place but it mostly takes place behind the scenes. There is many high rollers that cruise the streets of Las Venturas. If you want to be one of them, you have got to be willing to risk it all.

This is one image showing a lit up street with a small time casino on the corner, this is exactly the same throughout the whole city of Las Venturas, if you're passing by I suggest taking a cruise down the strip on a Harley or visit the casino to get away from the gang life, just don't borrow money and expect to not have to repay it back, These casinos are run by the Mafia, bare that in mind.

Quite clearly the city is filled with Elvis fans, you can spot more than one every 20 seconds, there is so many. It's also filled with alot of wealthy people, most claim there money from the roll of a dice.

With all these rich people around, surely there is some bums around L.V, There sure is.. and quite a few if you look hard enough, they are no doubt poor because of a gambling addiction.

In L.V the wealth is noticeable, from looking around the airport there is many private jets parked near the run way, no doubt owned by the mafia bosses or the higher people of L.V.

In L.V if you want to be respected maybe it's time to splash out a little of some expensive clothes... and I mean expensive. You could end up spending up to 50,000 just to look fresh and to show your wealth, but it's worth it.

It's hard to find crime in these places, no one attempts to rob the casinos because the owners are mob bosses and are connected all over, if you do see any crime it's someone either speeding from the police or running from them for petty theft to feed a dangerous addiction.

Only about 40% of the north is a rich city, the rest is a deadly open desert filled with bumpy roads and many steep mountains, it has a broken down airstrip along with a "Unknown Area" this is said to have alien artifacts inside the building and is highly defended by the Army, equipped with heavy machine guns and mounted in towers, if you want to get in I suggest not by air.


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