Liberty City Stories Gangs

There are many gangs in Liberty City that are ready to put up a tough fight, or help you out.
Here is some info about all of them.

Columbian Cartel

Gang Leader : Unknown
Area : Cedar Grove
Clothes : Cowboy boots, jeans, printed shirts, & hat rimmed
Attitude : Ruthless
Car : Cartel Cruiser
Radio Station : Flashback & Rise FM


Gang Leader : El Burro
Area : Hepburn Hights
Clothes : Red flannel & slicked back hair
Attitude : Hispanic street gang
Car : Diablo Stallions
Radio Station : Head Radio

Leone Family

Gang Leader : Salvatore Leone
Area : Around St Marks & Red Light District
Clothes : Charming, smart, traditionally well-dressed, strong Sicilian Family
Attitude : Loyalty to the family above all else, strong family values
Car : Leone Sentinel
Radio Station : Double Cleff FM

Southside Hoodz

Gang Leader : Unknown
Area : Wichita Gardens
Clothes : Gold chains and rings. Red & black jacket.
Attitude : Punks
Car : Hood's Rumpo XL
Radio Station : Game Radio & MSX FM


Gang Leader : Unknown
Area : Chinatown
Clothes : Blue jump suits & sunglasses.
Attitiude :Intensely loyal and obsessively territorial.
Car : Triad Fish Van & Laundry Vans
Radio Station : Chatterbox FM
File LCPD Photo : "Triads Involved In Violent Mugging"


Gang Leader : Kazuki Kasen
Area : Torrington
Clothes : Stylish Suits, Deep Blue suits with red ties.
Attitude : Traditional Japanese organized crime syndicate that is centuries old. Honor, loyalty.
Car : Yakuza Stinger
Radio Station : Lips 106 FM


Gang Leader : King Courtney
Area : Newport
Clothes : Yellow, red, green shirts & hats, dreadlocks.
Attitude : They love penthouse suites
Car : Yardie Lobo
Radio Station : K-Jah FM


Gang Leader : Paulie Sindacco
Area : Various
Clothes : Leather jackets, black pants & sunglasses
Attitude : Thugs
Car : Sindacco Argento
Radio Station : Double Cleff FM


Gang Leader : Franco Forelli
Area : Rockford
Clothes : Gray jackets & pants
Attitude : Mafia thugs
Car : Forelli Exsess
Radio Station : Radio Del Mundo

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