Shoreside Vale

So you think you're hot shit now huh? Shoreside Vale, a rather calmer island but don't let it fool you, this area is also mainly ruled by the Columbian Cartel. While the cartel sticks around the richer parts of the island, down in the lower areas near your safe house there are two other gangs; The Southside Hoods, and The Nines. They look rather the same, just different color tops. Don't give these guys much thought, they may have guns, but they are small time, and unorganized.

This place is also home to the only airport in Liberty City. Planes are constantly taking off and landing, however you cannot fly the bigger planes. But you may be able to find a small charter plane if you look around enough. Just make sure you know how to fly.

Shoreside also contains the only dam in Liberty city known as, the Cochrane Dam. Besides water control and power, the dam is also used for cars to travel between the broken up island. There is also a tunnel located to the north east of the island which is down for maintenance. So if you are wanting to get to Carcer city, you are gonna have to wait for sometime.

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