Vice City Asset Properties

These are all the Properties you can, and ultimately have to buy and own. Once you own these properties they will generate various amounts of revenue.


Cost: $ 10,000
Location: Viceport
Revenue: Revenue is gained after you complete the mission "Checkpoint Charlie."
Generates a maximum of $ 2,000 a day
Benefits: Free boats

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

Cost: $ 20,000
Location: Little Haiti
Revenue: Complete "Distribution" to get maximum revenue of $ 3,000
Benefits: Ice Cream Delivery Missions

Kaufman Cabs

Cost:$ 40,000
Location: Little Haiti
Revenue: $ 5,000 max per day
Benefits: 3 extra Kaufman taxi missions

Sunshine Autos Car Showroom

Cost: $ 50,000
Location: Little Havana
Revenue: $ 9,000 max per day
Benefits: Pay N' Spray, Save House, 4 garages, and VC racer missions

Print Works

Cost: $ 70,000
Location: Little Haiti
Revenue: $ 8,000 after missions completed
Benefits: Missions

Inter Global Film Studio

Cost: $ 60,000
Location: Prawn Island
Revenue: $ 7,000 max after missions are completed
Benefits: You gain access to the seaplane only when you have had the studios for more than a week

The Malibu

Cost: $ 120,000
Location: Vice Point
Revenue: $ 10,000 max per day
Benefits: Extra Missions

Pole Position

Cost: $ 30,000 ($ 600 dollars more to gain max revenue)
Location: Ocean Beach
Revenue: $ 4,000 max per day
Benefits: Money

Assets Map

This map shows all the Asset Properties in Vice City.

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