Liberty City Stories Unlockables

Like every GTA title before it, Liberty City Stories has unlockable rewards for various tasks. Here is the list of all the unlockable items in Liberty City Stories.

Hidden Packages

Hidden packages have been a GTA extra since GTAIII, Like in previous titles, there are a total of 100 packages. Also just like previous titles, they are spread out over all three islands. 40 on Portland, 30 on Staunton, 30 on Shoreside. 250 Dollar awarded per package found.

Collect 10 = Pistol at all safe houses.
Collect 20 = Shotgun at all safe houses.
Collect 30 = Armour at all safe houses.
Collect 40 = MP5 at all safe houses.
Collect 50 = Python at all safe houses.
Collect 60 = M4 at all safe houses.
Collect 70 = Laser Scoped Sniper Rifle at all safe houses.
Collect 80 = Flamethrower at all safe houses.
Collect 90 = Rocket Launcher at all safe houses.
Collect 100 = 50,000 Dollars.

Completing the game 100%

There is always a reward for completing the game 100%. Here is what you will get when doing so, and how to do it.

Complete all story missions (Rewarded with a tank in Fort Staunton and speedboats become available in Portland.)
Complete all Odd Jobs.
Get 1st place in all races.
Find all 16 cars for Love media.
Collect all 100 hidden packages.
Complete all 24 unique stunt jumps.
Also complete all 20 rampages.

Completing all of the above will get you 100%. This will unlock the multiplayer costumes for use in single player mode.

Special Outfit Unlockables

Underwear costume : Complete 1 Unique Jump
Hero Costume : Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale

Odd Job Unlockables

There are many Odd Jobs / Mini Games in Liberty City Stories. Each one giving a reward upon it's completion. To see where / how / and what these Odd Jobs are. Check out our Odd Jobs. section.

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