Vice City Gangs

When your in Vice City you gotta know who to run from and who to fight with. These are the main gangs you will run into during your stay in Vice City.


Leader: Big Mitch Baker.
Location: Downtown.
Clothes: Leather jackets, Tattered jeans, Black bandanas, Helmets.
Vehicle: Angel / Freeway.


Leader: Ricardo Diaz.
Location: Diaz's Mansion (Starfish Island).
Clothes: Light blue pants, Hawaiian t-shirt, Crimson red dress shirts.
Vehicle: None.


Leader: Umberto Robina.
Location: Little Havana.
Clothing: White shirt, Jeans, Red bandana, Black hats.
Vehicle: Cuban Hermes.


Location: Leaf Links.
Clothing: Purple shirt, Pink shorts, White shirts, Optional visor.
Vehicle: Caddy.


Leader: Auntie Poulet.
Location: Little Haiti.
Clothing: Purple shirt, White pants, Light purple shirt, Jeans.
Vehicle: Voodoo.


Leader: Unknown.
Location: Vice Point, North Point Mall.
Clothing: Denim jacket, Jeans, White / Red undershirt.
Vehicle: Gang Burrito Van.

Vercetti Gang

Leader: Tommy Vercetti
Location: Around all assets owned by Tommy Vercetti.
Clothing: Hawaiian shirts, Jeans, Purple shirts, White pants.
Vehicle: None.

The Army

Location: Army Reserve Near The Airport.
Clothing: Full Camo, Combat Boots, Some sport Mustaches.
Vehicle: Rhino Tank, Hunter Heli.


Leader: Unknown.
Location: All around Vice City.
Clothing: Blue jumpsuits with the letters P.I.G on them.
Vehicle: None.

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