GTA3 Controls

These are the control listings for Grand Theft Auto 3 on PC, Xbox, And Ps2.

Playstation 2 Controls

In Vehicle :

Select: Camera Mode
Start: Pause
Triangle: Exit Vehicle
Circle: Drive-by weapon
X: Accelerate
Square: Brake or Reverse
L1: Horn
L2: Look Left
L2 + R2: Look Behind
R2: Look Right
R1: Hand Brake
Directional Pad: Steering
L Joystick: Steering / (L3) Change Radio Stations
R Joystick: Tank Turret Control/ (R3) trigger Special Missions

On Foot :

Select: Camera Modes
Start: Pause
Triangle: Enter Vehicles
Circle: Attack or Fire weapon
X: Run
Square: Jump
L1: Look Forward
L2: Cycle Weapon Left
R2: Cycle Weapon Right
R1: Target
Directional Pad: Movement
L Joystick: Movement
R Joystick: First Person Camera (R3) Look Behind

PC Controls

On Foot

Fire: Number Pad 0, Left Control, Joypad 1, Left Mouse Button
Next Weapon: Number Pad Enter, Joypad 6, Mouse Wheel Down
Previous Weapon: Number Pad Period, Joypad 5, Mouse Wheel Up
Forward: Arrow Up, W
Backwards: Arrow Down, S
Left: Arrow Left, A
Right: Arrow Right, D
Zoom In: PageUp, Joypad 3, Z
Zoom Out: PageDown, Joypad 2, X
Enter/Exit: Return/Enter, Joypad 4, F
Change Camera: Home, C
Jump: Right Control, Joypad 3, Space
Sprint: Right Shift, Joypad 2, Left Shift
Target: Right Mouse Button, Delete
Look Behind: Number Pad 1, Middle Mouse Button, Caps Lock

In Vehicle

Fire: Number Pad 0, Left Control, Joypad 1, Left Mouse Button
Forward: Arrow Up, Joypad 2, W
Reverse/Brake: Arrow Down, Joypad 3, S
Left: Arrow Left, A
Right: Arrow Right, D
Enter/Exit: Return/Enter, Joypad 4, F
Radio: Insert, Mouse Wheel Up, R
Horn: Left Shift, Right Shift
Sub-Mission: Number Pad (+) Plus, Caps Lock
Change Camera: Home, C
Handbrake: Right Control, Right Mouse Button, Space
Turret Left: Number Pad 4
Turret Right: Number Pad 5
Turret Up/Dodo Up: Number Pad 9
Turret Down/Dodo Down: Number Pad 6
Look Behind: Look Left + Look Right
Look Left: Number Pad 1, Joypad 5, Q
Look Right: Number Pad 2, Joypad 6, E
Begin/End 30 second replay: F1

Xbox Controls

Move: Left Analog Stick
Look Around (First Person Mode): Right Analog Stick
Run: A Button
Jump: X Button
Attack: Right Trigger
Enter Vehicle: Y Button
Previous Weapon: Directional Pad Left
Target: Left Trigger
Next Weapon: Directional Pad Right
Look Behind: Right Analog Stick Button
Pause: Start Button
Change Camera Mode: White Button

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