San Fierro

Welcome to San Fierro, a fun and sometimes scary city. Where skyscrapers tower above you, and cars hit you in the ass. Drugs are a big issue in San Fierro, so if your a dealer or a junkie be on you guard. Your gonna need style and cash to make it in San Fierro.

San Fierro is quite a busy city filled with huge buildings, fast cars and alot of very rich important business men. There is a huge army boat found here with fast harriers, but it's well protected, it has its own airport and has a huge bridge stretching to the desert.

There are many great buildings located around this area, from car garages to car modification garages, make sure you check them out.

Around San Fierro you will see many fast cars racing around, be sure to jack a few and go for a spin, if you are unhappy with something about the car you can take it to some of the local modification shops and change some of it's appearance or even add some nitro to the car and blast away.

Around the outside of San Fierro you will find water, you can choose to float about around in some pretty huge boats.. however the bigger the slower they go. Just north of San Fierro you will find a small little town, Here you can take some lessons in boat school, it's worth a look.

From the picture and maybe driving around San Fierro you will have noticed that alot of the land is on hills, It's the most hilly city in San the state of San Andreas, It's rather a fun area only because of the hills.

Alot of accidents happen due to these hills from speeding cars, so when you are driving around the city try not to speed, please?

Alot of the city is full of huge buildings which tower upon everyone in San Fierro, This makes alot of the city a great place for base jumping or parachuting, You can find a few parachutes around the city roof tops, so keep your eyes open.


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