Liberty City Stories Characters

There are tons gansters and backstabbers in Liberty City. Your gonna need to know who to respect, and who never to trust. Here are all the key players you will meet in Liberty City Stories.

Toni Cipriani

Toni has just returned to Liberty City after laying low for the past four years for having taken out one of Salvatore Leone’s rivals. Now Toni is back in Liberty City but has found that his favor to the Don was not as appreciated as he had hoped. Much to his chagrin, he is now working for the Don under Vincenzo Cilli, The Don’s new right hand man. Toni has much to prove to the Don and himself.

Salvatore Leone

The head of the Leone Family in Liberty City and one of the most feared Don’s in all of America. Always working towards expanding Leone operations and dominating the underworld, Salvatore runs his family with traditional Sicilian values and an iron fist.

Vincenzo Cilli

When Toni left Liberty City Vincenzo "Lucky" Cilli was still getting drinks for the made guys in Leone bars and poker rooms. His good looks, education and smooth demeanor have enabled him to rise through the Family ranks quickly these last couple years in Toni’s absence. At heart Vinnie is only really interested in himself, however.

JD O’Toole

Joseph Daniel O’Toole is both an interminable pervert and career criminal. He currently finds himself in the employ of the Sindaccos managing their girly club, "Paulie’s Review Bar" in the red light district of the city. JD has been working his way up the power ladder within the Sindacco family for several years but has recently hit a roadblock due to his mixed Irish/Italian ancestry.

Ma Cipriani

Toni’s dearly beloved mother is none too pleased that Toni was gone so long without so much as a phone call and believes her son has been too scared to show his face in Liberty City. She constantly compares Toni to other men in the neighborhood, including his own father, God rest his soul, and doesn’t think Toni quite measures up. Toni is determined to prove her wrong.

Paulie Sindacco

Head of the Sindacco family interests in Liberty City, Paulie Sindacco is rarely seen and has become known as ‘The Invisible Don’. He spends a great deal of time traveling to and from Las Venturas where many of the Sindacco holdings are located. Those that don’t fall in line with Paulie’s views or that don’t know their role and overstep their boundaries are given one way tickets to the bottom of the river.

Giovanni Casa

A stocky girth some man, Giovanni Casa runs one of Liberty City’s favorite Italian delis in the St. Marks district and has caught the eye of Toni’s mother, Ma Cipriani, with his special spicy Sicilian sausage. Giovanni is a tough talker but when it comes time to back it up he reverts to his true cowardly self. Ultimately, Casa is a mommy’s boy, and he doesn't seem to care whose mommy.

Franco Forelli

The epitome of selfish greed, Franco is the diminutive boss of the Forelli Family. The Forelli’s are a serious thorn in the Don Salvatore’s side and are currently warring with them for control of Liberty City.

Massimo Torini

One of the Cosa Nostra’s ‘old guard’ from Sicily, Torrini is tough and ruthless. He has come to Liberty City to help stabilize the warring crime families. Though where his true intentions lie is hidden behind is cold, dark eyes.

Kazuki Kasen

Well dressed and well groomed at all times, Kazuki Kasen is currently the head of the Yakuza in Liberty City. A very ambitious and driven man, Kazuki feels a heavy burden to do well for his family in America and has recently begun forcing his way into many mafia controlled areas. He married the lovely Toshiko Kasen only for political reasons. Kazuki seems to prefer the company of his Yakuza men to spending time with Toshiko. Or any woman for that matter...

Toshiko Kasen

Toshiko Kasen is the beautiful and noble wife of Kazuki Kasen. She is however terribly neglected by her husband who much prefers the company of his Yakuza soldiers. Hell hath no fury...

Donald Love

Known as an entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist, Love’s many donations to local causes has made him a popular figure in Liberty City. This hides a colder darker side to Love, however, What he wants, he gets. And nothing or no one can stand in his way. He is currently looking to become mayor of Liberty City.

Maria Latore

Maria is a beautiful and obnoxious party girl who currently finds herself the arm candy of Don Salvatore Leone. She enjoys the attention (and money) she gets from him but doesn’t really care for Sal very much. She yearns for real love but probably wouldn’t know it if she found it.

Mayor R.C. Hole

Hole has worked in public office for a long time and having seen it all, has since lost faith in the democratic system. His only interest now is to see the end of his term and retire to a better place backed by a huge retirement fund. If that’s achieved through ill-gotten gains, so be it.

Jane Hopper

Jane Hopper is Liberty City’s corrupt union boss who will often ‘contract’ her unions out to the highest bidder. Ultimately, she is only looking to see how much money she can bankroll from otherwise unpleasant Union situations. Her hardball approach of doing business makes Jane more of a man in many people’s eyes than even the toughest wise guys or city officials. Though, rumor has it that Jane may actually be a man herself. Or used to be.

Leon McAffrey

Not taking his actual job of being an officer of the law too seriously, McAffrey has found that helping out the criminal and underhanded political elements in Liberty City pays better than Uncle Sam ever could. Buying his way to the rank of detective he has found that money does all the talking and he has little interest in climbing the ranks or garnering favor within the department.

Ray Machowski

Ray Machowski is a straight as an arrow cop who has just been teamed with underhanded detective Leone McAffery. Ray is leary of the way Leone does business and does his best to keep his own nose clean. But as he discovers, staying clean in Liberty City is harder than it seems.


An explosives specialist and demolition expert with a penchant for helping people get into trouble, 8-Ball helps Toni turn the tides in the war against rival families.

Avery Carrington

A self made millionaire and property tycoon. After receiving surgery to remove a cancerous lump in his throat, his voice is semi-robotic, being amplified through an electronic device he holds at his throat. Despite this, he is never short for words as he’s always dispensing pearls of wisdom to anyone within earshot. Extremely wily and not to be trusted.

Micky 'Hamfists'

Micky, currently working as the Leone’s heavy, is the epitome of ‘dumb muscle’. Micky could have been a pro-football player but was even too dumb for that. Despite his lack of mental acumen, Micky is loyal to the Leone’s to the very last.

Ned Burner

Ned is an investigative journalist for the Liberty Tree newspaper who will do whatever it takes to get his sensationalistic stories. Or create his own.

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