Vice City Clothes

These are all the different clothes available in Vice City. Some of them are available from the start of the game while others are unlocked after completing certain missions.

Street Outfit

Location:Ocean View Hotel
Available After: "An Old Friend" Mission

Soiree Outfit

Available After: "The Party" Mission (Ken)


Location:Tooled Up
Available After: "Riot" Mission (Ken)

Country Club Outfit

Location: Leaf Links' Clubhouse
Available After: "Four Iron" Mission (Carrington)

Havana Outfit

Location: Little Havana Streetwear
Available After: "Two Bit Hit" Mission (Carrington)

Mr. Vercetti Outfit

Location: Collars & Cuffs
Available After: Purchase of Pole Position Strip Club

Name: Tracksuit

Location: Jocksport
Available After: "Supply and Demand" Mission (Diaz)

Cop Outfit

Location: Washington Beach Police Department (Locker Room)
Available After: "Cop Land" Mission

Bank Job Outfit

Location: Malibu
Available After: "The Job" Mission (Malibu)


Location: The Gash (North Point Mall)
Available After: Start of Game

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