Vice City Guides

Here is our collection of flash guides for Vice City. These show you how to find secrets, easter eggs, and just give you some tips. Each guide comes in a High and a Low format.

*Spoiler Note: We try our best not to spoil too much of the game (aside from what the guide is actually covering), but we can't guarantee that you won't see something you would rather not have.

Apartment 3-C Guide

This guide shows how to find "Apartment 3-C" in Vice City. This apartment is a reference to the movie "Scarface".

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Easter Egg Guide

Vice City has many easter eggs, but this one takes it a little too seriously. Perhaps the biggest secret in Vice City.

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The Hidden Caddy Guide

This guide shows you how to find the Hidden Golf Caddy in Vice City. This hidden caddy allows you to drive a caddy very early in the game.

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Bike Morph Guide

This guide shows you how to "Morph" yourself into a motorcycle. This glitch allows you to use weapons while on the bike and also never fall off.

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Easy Access to Second Island Guide

This guide shows you how to reach the second island in vice city, without completing any missions. This is a great way to just cruise Vice City without having to do any work.

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