Welcome to the city of lost prophets and broken dreams. Portland is filled with drug and gun crime, it is also home to some of the biggest names in gang history. Shootouts and gang wars happen quite often around all three islands, bloodshed is familiar. One of the biggest names in Liberty City is Salvatore Leone who runs the infamous Leone Mafia Family. You can find him in the upper part of Portland, set back in his guarded cliff side mansion.

Portland also has many jobs thanks to the harbor. So you will see many pedestrians going about their daily business. The city is fairly gritty with the odd luxury car speeding past, other than that, it's mostly filled with run down taxis and loud vans. It's best to watch for gang cars aswell. See a black custom Sentinel go by, and you know the mafia is near, so watch your step.

The biggest thing you will notice in Portland is the trams connected to higher rails. These are great to travel around if you need to get to the other side of Portland fast. They are also great for getting onto higher buildings for a nice little spot in case you have a new rifle you wanna test out.

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