Liberty City Stories Clothing

Its all about your style in Liberty City. Your gonna need to relate to the people you wanna work for. You don't wanna show up to a Yakzua meeting wearing a custom made Leone suit. So choose your style wisely.

Casual Clothes

Toni returns to Liberty City dressed in his casual clothes. In the beginning of the game the casual clothes will need to be worn if Toni wants to stay incognito amongst the gangs of Liberty City.


A brown slick short-sleeve shirt. This not only is more relaxed, but it still shows his link with the Mafia. Perfect if you wanna seem layed-back, yet ready to kill anyone who is messing with the family.

Leone Suit

Show some respect for the Don and dress smart for Christsake. The classic look for the Leone Family member, a hand-made silk suit tailored in Portland. They only come in one color, but hey...who'd want anything else. Toni may have to change out of his suit if he wants to avoid drawing the attention of some of Liberty City's other criminal organizations.

Chauffeur's Suit

Some what of a embarrassing suit to wear when showing your bosses around town. Not the best or most stylish looking outfit, but its perfect for going undercover. Use this to get close to the big players in the Liberty City crime ring.


A more casual look for relaxed days, this outfit is named after Toni's proper name. Only one person is allowed to call him Antonio, and that is his dear mother. Anyone else would get the back of his hand. The perfect outfit to enjoy some of Ma's Italian food, this is also the outfit that Toni himself likes to cook in.

Lawyer's Suit

We all hate lawyers, but sometimes the only thing better than a gun is a lawyer. Toni can use this to prance around courts and police stations if a friend of his happens to be in jail. He may not look like the big hit mobster, but at least you won't be busted two feet into the Police HQ.

Avenging Angels

With the crime rate at a all time high in Liberty City, some folks seem to have taken the law into their own hands. The Avenging Angels are a group of vigilantes that mostly hang around the chinatown area. If Toni is wearing this outfit any angel should be ready to join up with him and clean the streets.


Everyone goes crazy now and again, only Toni takes it to some extemes. No this isnt some lame 80s horror fan gone nuts. It's simple Toni down by the docks of Portland blowing off some steam in a mini game called "Slash TV". Besides the outfit you may wanna grab a chainsaw aswell, something tells me you won't be the only nut down there.

'Dragon' Jumpsuit

Although Toni is italian doesn't mean he can't do a little Kung-Fu now and then. Grab a katana and hit the streets Bruce Lee style. Noone will be getting in your way with this outfit. You may even want to show those Triads who is the real master of Kung-Fu.


After eating all that high-calorie food, this is the perfect outfit to relax that waistband. A head to toe jogging suit is part of any self-respecting Italian gangster's wardrobe. This suit is particularly good-looking because its azure hue brings out the steely blue flecks in Toni's eyes.


There's no better ensemble for looking good while wasting Sindacco footsoldiers. The ladies in Toni's life love him in this sleek, sharp look. Except for his mother, of course, who wishes he'd dress more like his father used to dress.

'The King' Jumpsuit

Show your love for the 'King Of Rock And Roll' with this fun little outfit. Everyone can get tired of Opera and Toni is no different. Watch out for crazed Elvis fans as your roam the streets of Liberty. And do try to avoid the cops, or you will be singing the Jailhouse Rock.


This is Toni's most classy of suits. Use this when going to a formal gathering, perhaps a night at the Opera? This suit will be a sure thing to charm the pants off any lady. Hell you could just run around jumping and pretend to be James Bond. The point is, you will look good while doing it!

Special Outfits

These are the outfits that you must complete special side missions to unlock. These are strange and funny outfits that are always fun to run around Liberty City with. To learn how to unlock these extras outfits head over the the Unlockables section.

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