Welcome to The Countryside, this is a peaceful place filled with people you don't need to fear, they won't turn around and pull a gat on you. They live to farm the crops and make a profit to keep their farms open and food on the table.

Like I said, these people are known for farming, with the mass amount of free land they have, they could possibly do what they wanted, filled with woods and streams.

The countryside surrounds the north of Los Santos but also to the west is where the real countryside is found, Fill with speeding highways of business men traveling to San Ferrio, Many accidents happen along these roads and most don't make it home.

Crime is hard to fine in these parts, However that doesn't mean you won't find any, With Carl growing up in a violent world, where stealing is every day life I can imagine when he arrives something will go down.

Theres huge rigs found in the countryside, you can also take some missions for a rig company driving their rigs around to earn some cash isn't hard.. is it?

With the mass amount of terrain in the countryside along with it's hill it is a perfect place for you to do some good old bike riding or maybe get the quad, a true countryside vehicle.

The countryside is also filled with a few mini missions, Each contain something to do with riding or fitness, The only thing you may hit in the countryside is some un-even land or a 25ft tree, so be careful.

With the mass amount of land and some sunny weather you can get some really nice pictures, providing Carl has brought his camera along. Explore the land to the fullest.

While on your adventure you will find vehicles everywhere, Quads, Dirt bikes and even Combine harvesters, These monsters are a huge danger to the public, with sharp spinning blades on the front, if this got into the wrong hands their could be some messy streets.

The weather can change how you look at the countryside, Sometimes it looks fresh, happy and exciting, but when the fog settles it's as if your in a horror movie searching for a way out.

The countryside is probably the best place to fly around if you can maneuver well that is, Because when flying here you really need to be aware of the trees, One slight nudge and your plane could go down or become unstable and hard to land/fly.

The one place that is a must to visit goes by the name of, Mt. Chiliad, The highest terrain in the game, this towers over even the highest buildings, Located in the south west you cannot miss it, It's Huge.

It's known when on the top of the Mountain in a foggy day, Planes are said to crash far to often. When you're up there I suggest running when hearing some sort of plane engine, Quickly jump off the cliff or ride off, Don't forget to pick up the parachute.


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