Los Santos

Welcome to Los Santos, Home of some of the most dangerous people to date, Filled with gangbangers and hookers at every street corner, filled with corrupt cops and drug dealers it's a place you will need good friends and certainly some sort of weapon.

Grove Street, Home of the "Grove Street Families" run by Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder, They used to be the biggest and most known gang around Los Santos but it all came falling down.

Upon CJ's arrival they suddenly decide to clean the hood up and get back on the map, You will find this spot with ease seeing as your childhood house is located here.

While in Los Santos one of the best places to visit is the local Gym located only a few blocks away from your house, If you want to look rip and be feared, Come down here and exercise, maybe learn some new fighting techniques.

Despite the benefits of working out it's also the best place to come if your a little over weight, With a running machine and a bike you can't go wrong.

When you first visit Los Santos you will notice how you look like some local bum, Scrappy jeans and a white tank top won't cut it in the gang world, you need to rep your hood and look like you got a bit of cash behind you.

So why not visit one of the clothe shops around Los Santos, Theres not just one but quite a few with all different styles of clothing, Try and mix and match some clothes to make Carl look fresh and respectable.

The local sport is basketball, with the courts spotted all around Los Santos, you should surly be able to take part right? Yep.

It's basically a mini game, You just shoot the ball and the hoop, theres little freestyle tricks you can do, quite sadly though you cannot play against others in the awesome little mini game.

Around Los Santos you might see small little buildings which look like the local pisshouse, Well they are. They don't look very stable and inside it's even worse, a pure gritty place.

You can however play some mini games on the computers or go to the pool table and challenge the dude a wager, that is up to you and the winner takes all, this is the best mini game in the whole game.

Throughout Los Santos you will see some train tracks and maybe a odd train now and again, These are a great new addition to the game, seen in GTA3 but not like this.

You can have alot of fun with these, but they really give the city a feel of realism, They are used by the whole of San Andreas, you can use this as your way of getting around, Once unlocking all the cities.

Los Santos is also home of the biggest freeway around, Located near the core of the city, You can't miss it.

This is quite a site to check out, Filled with speeding cars, some police chases, but mostly some horrific car crashes happen here every so often, If your speeding down here the best thing to do is watch out for others on motorbikes, especially if you're on one.

Los Santos Beach, Located to the south west, Filled with your daily tourists or the locals trying to catch a tan, It also has a small gym if you want a little bit of heat while working out, Also a few hot dog stands if your feeling a little peckish.

The beach has a pier with a huge wheel on, Sadly you cannot get in one of the carriages, Some of the baller territory is located on the beach and you may see them walking around.


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