Grand Theft Auto V Known Facts

Collected from press releases, magazines, website previews, and other sources, this page will contain all of the known facts about Grand Theft Auto V.

*NOTE : The latest known facts will be posted at bottom of the list.

  • GTAV will host three main characters; Michael, a retired bank robber, Trevor, a war veteran living in a trailer in the desert, and Franklin.
  • You can switch between any of the three characters at any time you choose.
  • Character customization will stay at clothing only.
  • Each character has different abilities and styles.

  • Cars can be set on fire with petrol.
  • Some buildings can be repelled down, at the very least mission based.
  • The game will contain the largest amount of vehicles of any game in the series.
  • The game mechanics have been tweaked and upgraded in comparison to GTAIV.
  • Missions will have dynamic changes, involving choices and various outcomes.
  • Depending on whom you are playing as some missions will change in style and tone.

Los Santos
  • The map is larger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption and GTAIV combined.
  • The map will include all of Los Santos as well as surrounding wilderness and Mt. Chiliad.
  • You can explore the ocean surrounding Los Santos from top to bottom with diving making a return.

  • The use of a cell phone will return.
  • Activities include base jumping, yoga, golf, tennis and more.
  • Ammu-nation, strip clubs, comedy clubs, TV and internet cafes will return, along with poker and other card games.
  • GTAV will offer many more things to spend your hard-earned cash on than GTAIV did.

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