Vice City Stories Multiplayer

Vice City Stories features 10 different online Multiplayer modes. Along with a full storyline of course. Here is some info on each of the multiplayer game types.

Vice City Survivor Season 2 takes place in Vice City. All-out deathmatch warfare in free-for-all and team modes. The first player to reach the Kill Limit or have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game. Killing another player earns you a point but kill yourself and a point will be deducted. Or team up and kill the opposing gang members. The first gang to reach the Kill Limit or have the most kills when the Time Limit has been reached wins the game.

A fleet of luxury limousines has been targeted for destruction. Take sides as either the attacking team, set out to trash the opponent's fleet, or the defending team, preventing your vehicles from the onslaught.

By land, by sea or in the air, partake in the ultimate vehicular race. Choose to race in cars, bikes, trucks or jet skis. Or go for the gusto in the new Quadathalon mode, where players change vehicle types, even boarding helicopters for a flight sprint, at set checkpoints in order to complete the race.

You've been marked for death, by everyone else in the game. The goal of the marked man is survival, for as long as possible, while everyone else in the game attempts to take you down.Once the marked man has been killed, another random player will be singled out for assassination, until all players have had a turn as the target. The victor is the player with the longest time alive as the marked man. It's a beautiful world. Live every day like it's your last.

Steal the opposing gang's car and keep your rivals from swiping your wheels. The first team to gain control of both gang cars at their own base wins the match.

Take control of the Rhino tank and crush your adversaries in a melee of military devastation. It's the American dream. Players that do not reach the tank must do everything in their power to destroy the Rhino, as the player that causes the most damage to it will be spawned inside the tank for the following round. The first player to reach the target time inside the tank wins the game.

All players are tasked with re-possessing a select list of cars and delivering them to shipping crate locations scattered around Vice City. Victory is achieved by collecting the most cars and deilvering them in the best condition.

Nothing says I've made it quite like an enormous military grade helicopter. Reign from the skies and pummel all those that oppose you with the awesome firepower of the Hunter chopper. This mode begins with a race between all players to obtain the helicopter. Once a player secures the Hunter, they score points by killing the other players with the Hunter's unmatched arsenal. Other players must score points by destroying the Hunter, or by sniping the smug bastard that is piloting the Hunter.

Take to the streets to dismantle your opponent's criminal and business enterprises. Each team starts at their respective building site, with the objective to obtain a cache of plastic explosives in the middle of the map and bring the opposing team's real estate dreams down to earth. Capitalism with the gloves off.

Secure five briefcases left around the city and escape to safety with a team of body guards escorting you as the marked man. Or hunt the V.I.P. down before he finishes his appointed rounds and gets away. It's boardroom politics, gone very ugly.

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