GTA3 Rampages

There are many Rampages sorted around the three islands of Liberty City. A "Rampage" is where you must kill a set number of people/vehicles with a specific weapon within a time limit. Isn't mass murder a hoot!?

Staunton Island

Weapon: Flame-thrower
1st Location: Bedford Point, in south entrance to courtyard of most SE block of Staunton.
2nd Location: Bedford Point, in the back of the church next to Bolt Burgers.
Objective: Kill 25 Yakuza members.

Weapon: Sniper Rifle
1st Location: Torrington, on the roof of the AMCO building.
2nd Location:Torrington, on the roof of Kenji's casino.
Objective: Snipe 17 Yardie members in the head.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher
1st Location: Bedford Point, hidden in the cemetery behind the west church.
2nd Location: Bedford Point, by the north entrance to the courtyard of most SE block of Staunton.
Objective: Kill 20 Yardie members.

Weapon: Shotgun
1st Location: Belleville Park, SW in the park.
2nd Location: Belleville Park, NE in the park.
Objective:Destroy 8 Cars.

Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
1st location: Newport, In the middle of the bridge from Torrington to Fort Staunton.
2nd location: Newport, at the end of the alley where Pay n Spray and 8-Ball are.
Objective: Burn 16 Yakuza Members.

Weapon: M-16
1st Location: Liberty Campus, south of the university.
2nd Location: Fort Staunton, in the NW corner of the south part of the construction site.
Objective: Destroy 16 Vehicles.

Weapon: Grenades
1st Location: Belleville Park, in an alley south of the Coliseum.
2nd Location: Liberty Campus, in an alley south of the university.
Objective: Kill 25 Yardie's.

Shoreside Vale

Weapon: Flame-thrower
1st Location: Cedar Grove, behind the garage with a landstalker parked in front.
2nd Location: Cochrane Dam, next to the import/export garage.
Objective: Kill 20 Cartel members.

Weapon: Shotgun
1st Location: Wichita Gardens, on the roof of a garage, jump north of the bridge/ramp.
2nd Location: Francis Intl. Airport, behind a blueSumo billboard at the east side of the beginning of the Shoreside/Staunton bridge.
Objective: Kill 20 Hoods members.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher.
1st Location: Pike Creek, on the roof of Turtle Head building.
2nd Location: Francis Intl. Airport, north of the airport, behind the Badfellas billboard.
Objective: Destroy any 15 vehicles.

Weapon: M-16
1st Location: Witchita Gardens, behind the orange Squid billboard, by the entrance to the picnic area.
2nd Location: Cedar Grove, at the west hairpin curve, behind the red Gasoline billboard.
Objective: Behead 20 Hoods members.

Weapon Sniper rifle
1st Location: Pike Creek, in an alley by the building with the white silos.
2nd Location: Pike Creek, on the roof of the numbered garages behind the police building.
Objective: Snipe 20 Cartel members in the head.

Weapon: UZI (Driveby)
1st Location: Pike Creek, behind "punk noodles" gate.
2nd Location: Cochrane Dam, behind the big boulder in the bottom of the dam, by the circular road.
Objective: Destroy 7 Vehicles.

Weapon: Car
1st Location: Francis Intl. Airport, behind the FatBurgerKid billboard across the airport.
2nd Location: Pike Creek, in the grass between the hospital and the airport.
Objective: Kill 20 Columbian Cartel by running them over.


Weapon: M-16
1st Location: Red Light District, in the alley opposite to Luigi's sex club 7.
2nd location: Chinatown, between the basketball area and the bridge.
Objective: Kill 30 Diablo members.

Weapon: UZI
1st Location: Chinatown, in the courtyard of most SE building of Chinatown.
2nd Location: Portland View, at the NE corner of Supa Save.
Objective: Kill 20 Triad members.

Weapon: Grenades
1st Location: St Mark's, on the railroad tracks.
2nd Location: Trenton, on the railroad tracks.
Objective: Destroy any 10 vehicles.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher
1st Location: Trenton, in the courtyard of building opposite to the old school.
2nd location: In Callahan Point, In front of the building south of Greasy Joey's.
Objective: Destroy any 13 vehicles.

Weapon: AK-47
1st Location: St Mark's, in an alley east of Ciprianis restraunt.
2nd Location: St Mark's, in the long alley south of Ma Cipriani's restraunt.
Objective: Kill 20 Mafia members.

Weapon: Shotgun
1st Location: Portland View/Trenton, in the alley next to the Mean Street Taxis.
2nd Location: Portland View, on a ledge at the back of the hospital.
Objective: Kill 20 Triads.

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