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The main character's name is Niko Bellic - he is an Eastern European immigrant

Bellic arrives in Liberty City as he has been receiving emails from his cousin, Roman. At the start of the game, he is the only person you know.

Roman lies to get Niko to come to Liberty City, by telling him he has women, cars and money...he is actually in huge debt. Niko thinks he will live the "American Dream".

The Statue of Liberty is now called the Statue of Happiness, while DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is known as BOABO (Beneath the Offramp of the Algoquin Bridge Overpass).

Liberty City's similarities to New York are as follows, with 4 of the 5 boroughs being recreated: Brooklyn = Broker; Manhattan = Algonquin; Queens = Dukes; Bronx = Bohan; New Jersey = Alderney

The scale of Liberty City is slightly smaller than San Andreas, except now there are no wasted parts (countryside for example), it is a lot more detailed.

Multiplayer modes in GTA 4 are still to be announced, however, Rockstar have said it won't be a massively multiplayer online game. They are making something interesting, fun and progressive, and which ties in with single player gameplay.

Since it's only New York, there will be no planes in the game which you can pilot. Rockstar want the game to seem realistic. You won't be needing planes.

Pedestrians are a lot more realistic, and do things such as smoke, sit on benches, read, go shopping, eat, and more...

Rockstar have been working very hard on the targeting system - expect it to be a big improvement from previous games.

After the initial loading sequence, there will be no more loading screens to sit through, not even when transitioning between interior and exterior environments

While making the game, Rockstar consulted crime experts and ex-policemen and found that being a criminal is much more difficult now than it was during previous decades, so they have tried to reflect this in the game. Expect to see people getting arrested as the police are a heavy presence.

As Rockstar North are approaching the recruitment of voice actors in a different way. We probably won't hear any recognisable voices in GTA 4 because they are looking for voices that suit the attitude of the characters. This approach is also being carried over to the soundtrack, where R* are looking for music which works well with the modern day Liberty City.

You will use a cell phone to call contacts

The visual effects of the game will be massively enhanced - the rising and setting sun will reflect off glass and light up details on buildings; the streets will have potholes and rubble. Variations in terrain are reflected in the way people walk over it.

A big part of the game is delivering story in new ways and allowing the player to plot their own destiny

The protagonist Niko Bellic is in his mid-thirties, and although not customisable, you will be able to don him with new outfits and such. Rockstar said they got Niko's physics just right and found it was difficult to implement character customisation with regards to this.

Staten Island, the only area of New York not recreated in Liberty City was left out due to Rockstar deciding it would not be a fun location to play in.

There are no "dead spots" or "irrelevant space" in the game.

There really are no loading screens once you're in the game, even when moving from exterior to interior, moving between the two will be seamless

The mob will be featured in the game, though they won't be lead characters. Additionally, 'hardly any' of the characters from previous games will return.

Missions will offer an increased amount of realism, and will be longer and more varied, some will even have multiple possible outcomes.

Bridges will possibly keep you from accessing other boroughs at the start of the game, but this hasn't yet been finalised.

What comes as a big relief to us is that there's no more pop-ups of buildings and foliage as we've seen in the past thanks to the completely overhauled graphics engine.

Dan Houser stated that no one has attempted to recreate a location of this size, and with so much detail, ever before.

The Artificial Intelligence of the NPC's has received a huge overhaul, pedestrians do a wide variety of things which were mentioned in the GameInformer article, and they even react to events such as a gun being pulled on them.

Shooting is said to be much more precise and fluid than in previous games.

Niko can use his mobile phone to do things such as set up deals and ambushes

Rockstar haven't yet decided how to make use of Sony's SIXAXIS controller for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Planes were not included in the game because there isn't enough room for them, and you would traverse the city too quickly. As we confirmed before though, we will be able to pilot helicopters.

Rockstar have promised a wider range of side-missions to partake in while not playing through the main storyline.

There are about four different camera angles

The in-car camera basically acts as a first-person view, where you're able to look around across the bonnet (hood)

Weather effects aren't merely for show, they will affect gameplay (such as vehicle handling)

You'll be able to use the right analogue stick on the Xbox 360 (and presumably PS3) controller to look around.

Niko's cousin Roman is thousands of dollars in debt

Niko's mobile phone has the ability to receive text messages and also has a camera which you can take pictures with.

Driving physics have been "tirelessly tweaked and enhanced".

When a car drives past with loud music you'll be able to hear and feel the bass.

You won't be able to play through a 'single player' game with a friend (co-operative), however, there will be a co-op mode implemented, along with other multiplayer modes which we still have no info on.

Rockstar are focusing their attention on this game for now, and there are currently no plans for San Andreas Stories (or another GTA game) for the PSP.

Further, it is not known whether GTAIV will pave the way for more sequels. Although Dan Houser has said he "would have a certain confidence" setting GTA outside of the USA, which certainly opens up the possibilities for future GTA games.

Further to the new targeting system, it appears Niko is able to strafe left and right when locked on to a target after pulling out a weapon to avoid being shot.

Emphasising the detailing gone into the city, you can see what's under grates on the sidewalk providing there's enough light shining into it.

While hi-jacking cars driving along the road is a familiar task for GTA players, hi-jacking a parked vehicle seems like it has more to it now. No longer can you simply open the door and drive off. Now you'll have to be stealthy about it, break the window to get in, and then hot wire it.

Rockstar are progressing well with the game, which is now over two-thirds of the way to completion.

It is implied that the ability to manually aim guns such as a pistol has now been implemented, when Niko pulls out a pistol, the camera will zoom in slightly, and a crosshair fixed to the centre of the screen appears.

Hand-to-hand combat has also been worked on a lot

OXM confirm that the much loved sexual innuendo famed in the GTA series will of course be seen throughout GTA IV.

Niko is able to climb and descend fire escapes, telegraph poles and the like. He'll also be able to enter skyscrapers (and throw people off them).

One of the radio stations is said to play Eastern European dance music

Rockstar don't want the game to be too "naturalistic" so there will be some "fun" weapons in the game

Central Park will have its own recreation in the game, it is not yet known what its name will be.

Boats are confirmed and their handling is said to be improved.

One of the advantages of recreating New York is that the guys developing the game at R* North can simply call the in-house researchers at R* NYC and ask them about specific things which they have far more knowledge about.

Philip Glass, a highly influential composer, is working with Rockstar and involved with production of the game's soundtrack (he composed the music in the first trailer)

Times Square is called "Star Junction"

Few people were on the streets in the demo that "Games" magazine played

Niko can use his cell phone to call for weapons. Niko calls his associate Little Jacob, a Caribbean arms dealer, the conversation ends with Jacob telling Niko to meet him in an alleyway in Rotterdam Hill

The player can call a taxi cab to go to a destination and view the ride in first-person or use trip-skip to speed the experience along

On one mission, Niko must retrieve a memory stick with sensitive data on it from a person identified as McReary. The problem is that McReary is standing with a group of people and Niko doesn't know who he is, so he takes out his cell phone and calls McReary. When the now-revealed target pulls out his cell phone, Niko walks up and puts a bullet in his head.

Missions can supposedly be "interrupted." This suggests that multiple missions can be done at the same time and that some will span several days

Niko received a call in the demo, which concerned a "shady lawyer" by the name of Goldberg, of Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster. On this mission, Niko must upload his resume to Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster's website, get an interview, and kill Goldberg. In this mission, Niko purchased a $ 2000 suit from a clothing store called "Perseus," then ventured to the law firm and talked to the secretary over the intercom, before being let in. Niko then went to see Goldberg and promptly killed him. This caused the secretary to trigger the alarm and Niko to receive a 3-star wanted level.

The "TW@" internet café from GTA3 is present but this time you can surf the web.

Any crime committed will give you a wanted level

The star rating will create a visible search area on the radar, which, if escaped, will dissipate the wanted level

The police radio returns and you can hear the police talking about where you were last spotted as in previous games, only this time, the police will know exactly where you are at because every street is named

There is a clothing store called "Perseus" where suits can be purchased

The draw distance is "unreal"

"Little Jacob", an arm's dealer is said to be a good friend of Niko's cousin, you can buy weapons from him. The weapon's are in the trunk of his car, and the method used to purchase the weapons is very similar to the way you would buy weapons from an Ammu-Nation in the other GTA's.

Niko meets with "Little Jacob" in Rotterdam Hill, in Alderney.

Niko ends up killing Goldberg, the lawyer, as a "favor".

Rockstar showed off Goldberg's death twice, both were completely different from each other.

There were no arrow's on top of certain people you had to kill, you have to figure out who to gun-down on your own.

Multiplayer is accessed through Niko's cell phone.

You must maintain and develop relationships with people and friends. If this means Niko could have a girlfriend if he maintains a relationship with a certain women is unknown at the moment.

You can use objects as cover, blind fire, and roll around. (Perhaps somewhar like Gears Of War)

McReary, is the "corrupt cop", and he has "dirt on Niko's past".

PLAY previewed a mission by the name of "Call And Collect".

- Recently Added Facts (7/25/07)

Little Jacob offered weapons including a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, an SMG, and a micro SMG

McReary's first name is Francis, and he knows about a felony Niko committed

Another vehicle is confirmed as it is noted that Niko stole a black Comet before heading off to the Humboldt River Viewpoint to kill the man who has McReary's memory stick.

Before Niko submitted his C.V. to the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster website, OXM noticed that his C.V. notes that he was on the "Balkan Peace Force" and that he is adept at swimming, shooting and boxing.

Karen is the name of the receptionist from Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, who calls Niko to notify him of his interview. It's not known if she is an important character or not.

There are no references to the September 11th terrorist attacks anywhere in the game.

Swimming is a confirmed feature

The girl in the artwork (sucking the lollipop) is called Lola

Taxi drivers play a very important role in Liberty City - With just a push of a button, Niko can get a ride from "A to B" straight away.

Additionally, the taxi driver will fulfil some of Niko's requests, for example if Niko is hungry, the cab will drive him to the nearest fast food restaurant. If hurt, then he'll drive to the hospital - places are accessible very quickly this way.

The only time you can't get a cab ride is when the cops are after you

On that note, cops appear on your map as dots (while they're searching for you)

The preview Games Aktuell were shown lasted 45 minutes - it was played twice

Similar to Saints Row, your radar will display a yellow line guiding you to your destination

It takes Niko roughly 3 seconds to hot-wire a vehicle.

The targeting system is improved and there are different hit zones

Niko uses his mobile phone and the Internet regularly

The editors reported seeing vehicles including Ferraris, Porsche Carrera (Comet), Volkswagen Jetta, BMWs, Mustangs, SUVs, delivery vans and garbage trucks.

Rockstar demonstrated the game to Games Aktuell on a 60" plasma screen, which didn't have Full HD capability - "this didn't matter because all Rockstar games are programmed "only" in 720p, with 1280x720 pixels" - this is an interesting quote as a lot of people have wondered whether they'll get to play the game in full 1080i/p resolution, seems like it will just be 720p for now, at least on the Xbox 360. It's not known whether the PS3 version will be able to take advantage of the higher resolution. Of course, both consoles can always upscale the game.

A green band around the HUD (Heads Up Display) indicates your health.

It has now been confirmed that Liberty City is not as big as San Andreas physically. It covers about 3/4 of the total area San Andreas did.

In the final part of the preview, Niko is killed by a police helicopter landing on his head. This could either be a glitch or some really intense gameplay.

The default camera view is no longer stuck above the vehicle, instead it drops down to the left, following the middle of the road.

Niko is regularly referred to as 'Nikolai' in the demo

Little Jacob (the gun dealer) is from Dukes (the Liberty City version of Queens)

En route to Rotterdam, Kikizo spotted a pizza store selling food for 99 cents and a cocktail bar with a bright pink sign called "Bahama Mamas"

Kikizo started in Star Junction (Times Sqare) early in the October morning, a possible suggestion of season changes

The neon-lit Junction is "dazzling" at night

There is a theatre called "T.S. Pirate at the Thespian Theatre" as well as a camera store called "Liberty Cameras". Kikizo said that it seemed like the same exact camera store they bought their camera in in real life.

All animations look "like they should," especially with unique NPCs like overweight policemen

Phone calls extend the concept of non-linear gameplay, according to Rockstar.

Weapons in GTA4 are a "precious commodity" and are "not easy to acquire"

Little Jacob had a 9mm, an SMG, and a Micro SMG in his car for sale for $ 100 each, which wasn't "breaking the bank" as the demo started Kikizo off with $ 7500

Animations are always "superb."

Kikizo reported that they had no concern whatsoever on technical issues in the game, other than when they slowly pan the camera, the windows on the buildings begin to get jittery as they reflect the world. They also noted this is not the case in typical game scenarios.

Niko Bellic is 'a small fish in a big pond'.

Niko will whistle to get a cab's attention, then press "Y" (on the Xbox 360 controller) to get inside. You're given the options to relax and watch the ride, do a trip skip, or pay double for the driver to go twice as fast.

The player views the world from Niko's perspective while in the cab and you can interact with the driver while he is driving you.

The game is now fully confirmed to make extensive use of HDR lighting.

Car/person interaction physics are now fully in place, meaning if a car suddenly brakes, the people inside are thrown forward.

The interiors/exteriors are completely seamless and the outside world can be heard, muffled, from the inside.

Advertisements in the Tw@ internet cafe claim internet access for $ 1, offer "totally wireless" internet, and accept credit cards.

Niko has his own, unique computer account so he is able to access his information from any computer in Liberty City.

The mouse cursor is controlled with the analog stick.

Niko's fake resume claims his objective is to "rise to the top of my profession in Liberty City," that he has experience in criminal law with cases like manslaughter under his belt. He also claims that he deals with the emerging markets in the West Indies (especially 'Jamaica and Puerto Rico'). He also claims to have been the associate attorney at Mediterranean Shipping Enterprise, and an intern at a police force. His school is supposedly 'Walford University' in the UK.

Rockstar wants to use the phone as 'the primary gateway into Niko's life,' as it has his contacts, an organizer, a dailing calendar, text messaging, and a camera

The game engine has sounds that can compete with the likes of "Forza Motorsport" and "Project Gotham Racing"

The cars react to every bit of "undulation" in the road

The camera angle is slightly over to the driver's side to give the player a better line of sight, but there are still many different angles and the camera may be moved

Cars have a full-GPS system in place, which show recommended routes for missions

Pedestrians are incredibly detailed, with the game including peds who are bored waiting at bus stops, people talking on various payphones and cell phones, people smoking, etc...

Inside of the cab you can change the next music track if you'd like.

There is an astonishing level of detail with every object in the game, with textures being varied on every sidewalk, street, and surface

Car lights light up "convincingly" and reflect the street and the surroundings.

The graphical quality is the best Kikizo has seen in any next-generation game

Street names show up in the corner like districts have in past GTA games

In Kikizo's journey towards the park (for the mission in which Niko must retrieve a memory stick for McReary), they passed through "Chinatown, Presidents City, Lancet, Hatton Gardens, Middle Park East, and a stretch of freeway, on to Lancaster, and Ruby Street."

The name of Niko's cell phone network is "Whiz."

The wanted level system uses "line of sight" to pinpoint Niko's location and catch him. The player must escape the search radius he gets when a wanted level is attained, but if an officer spots Niko, the search radius will be instantly reset to his position

Once Niko has the memory stick, he must greet McReary by "heading down Cod Row, Denver Avenue, Exeter Avenue and stop at Northwood / East Holland."

To get the suit for the interview, Niko must go "to Silicon Street, through Quartz Street, and Middle Park East."

Niko must buy a "chocolate" suit for $ 1000 and some nice shoes for $ 200

To get to the law firm, Niko must go "past Star Junction, The Triangle, Easton, Chinatown, Diamond Street, and Calcium Street."

Niko can take cover behind almost anything, auto-target, manually aim, or blind-fire

Many things were still kept secret about the game. Kikizo was forced to leave the room while Rockstar worked with "secret menu stuff" after Niko was "wasted" by police in the demo.

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